The Agreement(s) herein is created to protect all parties. If you cannot understand the simplicity of my philosophy, you are welcome to use another free service. I do welcome you as an equal and hope we can work together. Using or viewing this site content means “you agree” on all counts.

This product served “as is”. I make no warranty to usability.

I cannot be held responsible for 3rd party content posted by other users and services. This means I will do my best to control what gets posted, but your legal issues (outside request to remove content) if you have any will be taken to the person(s) responsible (you agree that is not me).

You will not mention this site domain in any legal complaint or news item good or bad. You will not name me personally in any legal complaint or news item good or bad. If you have a problem give me as “administration of an online website” (in a demand sent to me via Facebook personal message) the chance to comply with court order, then the order itself must be immediately and permanently sealed forever or destroyed upon verification of third party guilt. This to protect myself from slander due to happenings outside my control. Any attempt to mention myself or this site is explicitly prohibited. All news and media mentions must be cleared by me or my lawyers before publishing to avoid facing damages. You agree if you disregard this clause you are infringing my rights, and agree to pay all damages. I am a law abiding citizen, but I understand the reckless damage and misplaced guilt the media and attorneys can sometimes push on innocent bystanders. I will not allow it to happen to me. Keep your complaints clean and fair in relation to me, and I agree to comply with all requests and court orders. Thank you in advance for understanding and agreeing to this one special request.

If you find a post, group, location, or any content on my site related to you, which you deem unwanted, contact me via my Facebook page with your complaint and I will take it down as soon as I see it. Be sure to include proof of ownership or an easily referenced legal document if necessary. If you are unable to produce this, please send a means to verify your ownership. Your information is private; unless a suggestion to do otherwise is included in the communication, I will shred or permanently delete it upon complying with your request.

If you find a location related or belonging to you, which you would rather control and edit, please also contact my Facebook page for that. I will transfer ownership of the account to you as soon as I see your information validated. Thank you for using this site.

This site is for anonymously posting offers, locations, and anonymous use of that information.

Users are asked to use vague usernames and their pets or favorite cleaning supplies as images. Users must create an insanely difficult password. Your publicly view-able profile should be scant of information. Write in Klingon or High Elvish where possible. Do NOT include references to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, it’s over.

You are not allowed to ask other users for their personal information. Any attempt by you to purposely contact other users outside this site may result in legal action. Keep it professional. If a user posts a location, event, or any other advertisement, only go if you are interested in the offer itself and for no other reason. If you attend or use the content posted, do what is related to the offer and leave. Do not attempt to stalk or harass the user themselves. I will always comply with legal complaints.

Users are ordered to exercise extreme caution in your dealings online. We are all mature here, we know that life is the same here as everywhere else, so don’t be a silly goose and release any information about yourself other than what is already publicly available. You are prohibited to make any arrangements to meet other users directly. This is not a dating site. No one wants to watch a horror movie with your name on it, and the news is bad enough with politicians absorbing all our attention. Use your head.

What users are allowed to do, and what users will never do.

Events posted on the map or anywhere on my site will be limited to time, place, and general information. You will not give out any personal information or agree to meet other users there explicitly. You will not share your user information with anyone at said event, or anywhere. Your safety is in your hands. When the event is over, you MUST remove it or post a future scheduled event if it is to occur once again.

If you use this site to post property or locations that are not yours, and you attract the law, I will always side with the law. You are otherwise not allowed to use my service to scam or commit illegal activity. You will not post illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to: sexually explicit content, sharing media forms deemed inappropriate to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, ideas that may seem to incite violence, information and intellectual property which does not belong to you, and anything else that may arise in the future which is deemed incorrect by law. If anyone brings legal action in my direction as a result of your bad judgement, I will happily release your information to them as a result of a court order. That is the law, and you agree the law is good.

Users are not allowed to “redistribute” or in any way profit by “sharing” my free service. Accounts observed to be posting a range of services in excess of ten or more locations (excluding real estate) may be suspended. If you want to help them, simply give them my web address or ask me to contact them and offer to set up an account for them. You agree you will not use this site to spam other user profiles, leave annoying comments on their listings, etc. Accounts doing so will be suspended forever.

Because our civilization has become petty, resulting in legal matters evolving almost on the hour, I reserve the right to amend the “Terms of Service” and any other agreement at a moment’s notice, even if it has not been posted yet. You agree to this, and agree to be bound to any alterations or additions as though it were written at the beginning of time and space.

By using this website, you agree to only have fun and enjoy yourself. Remember life is what you make it. Advertise until your heart is content. Just keep it sane, safe, and remember it’s Chicago only.